Welcome to rare-X.com, your source of rare and interesting mineral specimens. We feature specimens from all over the world . Our specialty are Chinese minerals.

rare-X is a product of my interest for stones that dates "way back" and was later reinforced by geology studies at university.

rare-X could neither be described as a commercial enterprise nor as just a collection.

Fortunately none of the people involved in rare-X have to make a living by selling minerals. This removes the economic pressure and ensures that there are sufficient resources to cater to the individual character, the uniqueness of the specimens.

rare-X is based in China and Germany. Specimens will normally be delivered from Germany, with some exceptions (usually large or very new specimens) being shipped directly from China. You will be notified if this is the case. In the long run, it is planned to move everything to Germany.

My work in the rural development sector involves a lot of travelling to very remote locations. This is where a lot of interesting and unique specimens originated from.

I wish you prolific searches through our inventory. Enjoy your finds and don´t hesitate to contact me*!

--Chris Schroeder, as the initiator of rare-X.--


*Preferably by email. This is by far the most efficient way. Please note that I may answer from a different email address.
If you need a postal address, please contact me first by email to make sure that I am around when the letter arrives.



About findplaces in China

It is general practice in China to keep the exact findplace of valuable minerals a secret. Moreover, most specimens pass through the hands of several people who are usually unaware of species or origin, before they are sold to collectors. Consequently, many findplaces can only be tracked down to the province of origin. We try to be as close as possible to the original finder and have a lot of knowledge about findplaces (sometimes more than the dealers the specimens were bought from), however can still not always guarantee the accuracy of findplaces.

If possible, we follow the "mindat.org-format" for location names, in order to avoid confusion arising from differently spelled versions of the same location name.

About dimensions

Specimen dimensions are usually length x width x height (longest distance each) as seen from the display side. "Length" is usually defined by the longest side. The dimensions in the "size information" field are normally accurate to 1mm (specimen size under 2cm), 5mm (specimen size under 10cm), 1cm (specimen size over 10cm).
The dimensions in the specimen descriptions, usually describing the size of individual crystals, are normally accurate to 1mm.

About weight

the specimens are weighed primarily for shipping purposes. The weight is approximate and rounded up to the nearest 5 or 10g. Various scales with different ranges and levels or accuracy are used. Specimens weighing less than 10g are normally not weighed. This may change in the future upon availability of a carat scale.

About damages

our goal is to reach a good compromise between price and quality. When it comes to damages on specimens, this means that small damages are not generally unacceptable. It always depends... on size, rarity, availability, delicacy and so on. Damages are always reflected in the price. The more expensive a specimen is and the more obvious the damage is, the better will the damage be documented. Often it is just impossible to obtain completely damage-free specimens, sometimes the prices rise to inacceptable heights. In both cases we will opt to present you the best possible quality within affordable range instead of nothing at all or something inaffordable.

About fluorescence

Most specimens are tested for longwave (LW, 360nm, UVA) fluorescence. Many specimens are moreover tested for shortwave (SW, 254nm, UVC) fluorescence. The result is mentioned in the specimen description.

About the pictures

Pictures are normally taken from the display side, after all, this is how you want to see them.
Magnification up to 10x is used in the detail pictures. Most pictures were taken with the same camera. Color impression depends considerably on the settings on the display equipment, it is therefore advisable to compare the visual impression with the description text.
Most specimens are immediately wrapped "ready for shipping" after photographic documentation. This means that they are not available for further photographing, but at the same time conserved in the state of documentation.



How to order:

1. Contact me by email. Please note that I may answer from a different email address.

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