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STEP 1. Contact us by email.Please note that I may answer from a different email address.

Please make sure that your order contains

  • the specimen numbers (for example "CN0109")
  • the price(s) of the specimen(s)
  • the mineral name(s) of the specimen(s)
  • your preferred shipping option ("cheapest", "fastest", "safest") and
  • your preferred payment option (bank transfer, international money order or paypal).

STEP 2.We calculate the shipping cost and send you an invoice by email.

STEP 3. You make the payment, either by bank transfer, international money order or to our PayPal account. Methods of payment are explained there. We reserve the specimens for you 14 days from sending the invoice on.

STEP 4. We ship your order upon arrival of the payment...

...and look forward to see you again!